Andrea Kirk, a Los Angeles based photographer and the creator/editor of
Eye Spy LA, specializes in theatrical publicity shots, urban landscapes and other digital photographic images.

I bought my first camera while a journalism student at CSUN. I didn't end up with a career in photojournalism - I took a sharp turn somewhere into business and then computer technology. But my camera was always at hand. I did weddings and portraits on the side and continued to take photos of other subjects that interested me over the years. I enjoyed manipulating black and white images in the dark room. I went on photo adventures with friends. I exhibited my photos a few times. I submerged into computer technology for awhile and re-emerged when I bought my first digital camera a few years ago. The merger of technology and photography - the digital darkroom - opened up a new world of imaging possibilities. Currently my interests are focused on Los Angeles, the city I grew up in and continue to live in. As I go out and explore the city, I come back with the photographs that I share on Eye Spy LA ( I also usually come back with something else - something that caught my eye and caused me to think about a scene differently. The resulting images are simply a reflection of my mind's image meshed with the reality of the moment I took the photograph. For samples of some of my latest images click on the Gallery link above.

If you are looking for images of the Los Angeles area or have a need for advertising or publicity photographs, call 818.631.0232 or email

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