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Health & Fitness in West Hollywood
Day(s): 3-Wednesday 6-Saturday
Address: 1055 N Harper Ave, Los Angeles, 90046 The Wellness Center
Phone: 310 498 7374

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Patti Penn was born in Glasgow, Scotland. When she was still quite young her family opened an ancient door to Celtic mystics, holistic healers and martial art teachers. Patti teaches Reiki as taught by founder Usui Sensei: a "Method to achieve personal perfection" in one's own life. She is also one of the Los Angeles area’s leading advocates and practitioners of Emotional Freedom Technique. She is the person your subconscious seeks out when you’re truly ready to “let it go,” and discover your personal empowerment. Her profound ability to release fears, limitations, blockages, pain and restrictions with ease will prompt you to ask yourself, "Why didn’t I do this earlier?”.

Patti has written a trilogy of Reiki Books for students' embracing the force of energy in their lives. She also serves the community with monthly pro bono energy circles and shares. She was recently endorsed by Gurmukh Khalsa, the “Queen of Kundalini,” to attune the pregnant mothers of the world-famous Golden Bridge Yoga to Reiki, as well as working one-on-one with clients to actualize their potential and free themselves of all limitations from the Wellness Center in West Hollywood.

Albert Einstein told us back in the 1920's that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy. Conducting this energy from the universe around us is the obvious and natural choice by many to heal the mind, body and soul combination. Reiki energy is the bio-photon emission from one organic species to another otherwise spiritually known as divine light to balance the body’s bio energy system. By conducting this Reiki energy also known as the universal life force, ki, chi or prana, the body's energy system is balanced to promote healing emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Reiki is non denominational, it requires no specific belief system. Born out of the dedication of healer, mystic, marital artist, philosopher Mikao Usui from Japan in the early nineteen hundreds. He taught Reiki as a "Method" to develop personal perfection in one's own life by using the energy we now refer to as Reiki to bring students into alignment with themselves and source energy. Reiki can be sought as a treatment but most importantly Reiki is a shift to your higher consciousness utilizing energy in your own life to expand your consciousness. Patti teaches this "Method" to achieve personal perfection through a specially designed Reiki Program created by her to transform student's life's by their own hands.

A Reiki treatment works along the fully clothed body front and back, it is safe, non-intrusive, non-invasive and non-manipulative. As we all absorb energy differently combined with our own personal journey the effect of a treatment vary. As Patti is an accomplished Reiki Master a session will draw conclusion from dietary changes, emotional blockages to overcome, subtle changes in lifestyle yet manageable and self affirmations to enforce the treatment further.

A treatment is said to:
• Decreases physical pain
• Releases emotional pain held in the body temple
• Accelerates healing time of bones, burns and bruising.
• Reduces anxiety and stress
• Increases a sense of well-being and calmness
• Inner peace of which clarity is born
• An increased sense of empowerment
• Increases the immune system
• Rearrange your entire universe

Treatments last 60 minutes; with a sensation varying from heat, cold, vibrations, tingling and heaviness dependent on how you absorb energy. Some have likened the feeling of astral projection, an out of body experience, a natural body high to plain old trippy.


Learning Reiki or being attuned to Reiki is a life changing moment. Patti's Reiki program is not for everyone, she has designed it specifically to introduce you to your higher self. She believes in you being your own personal guru and holding your own personal power.
Being attuned to Reiki energy is a tool to expand your awareness and is only the beginning of your journey. The real transformation happens throughout the program as your actions start to reflect your inner self as the positive power you can be in your own life. As the program is about the practice of Reiki monthly Reiki Shares are provided by Patti to students to exchange treatments with other practitioners on a three to one bases.

Everything you need to know about Reiki for the purpose of giving a treatment to yourself, family and friends and self-medicating Reiki for the next 30 days. Understanding energy, sensing it and using the energy to enhance and improve one’s own personal perfection.

• Discussion of 1st Degree Reiki Book written by Patti Penn (given prior to class)
• Visualization meditation & Attunement to Reiki
• Connecting to the energy and performing a Reiki treatment
• Learning to scanning the body’s energy field
• Lunch provided
• Receive a Reiki treatment and verbalizing the sensation
• Performing a Reiki treatment to recipient sitting in a chair
• Learn to self administer Reiki & as self administered every day for the next 30 days
Every Wednesday........Duration-9 am to 3.30 pm.

Reiki 2 nd Degree is only available to those with Reiki 1st Degree attunement. This degree is those wishing to commit to using Reiki at a deeper level by empowering the true nature of their being an enough to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

The ability to conduct the Reiki energy faster is opened resulting in a stronger vibration and flow of the Reiki energy. Learning to send Reiki to recipients in other countries, in other times and even your past self is accomplished at this level. Giving specific emotional treatments designed to highlight your awareness of emotional tranquilizers that are used to impede your greatness and sabotage your successes.

• Discussion of comprehensive Second Degree Book written by Patti Penn
• Visualization meditation & Attunement to level two
• All three symbols memorized verbally and visually
• Lunch is provided
• Engaging the Reiki energy faster
• An Emotional treatment combined with a full body on recipient
• Sending Reiki by proxy to friend or family member in other country or state
• Sending Reiki using a photograph of the person
• Sending Reiki back to every year in your life for 30 days using the distance symbol while keeping a journal
Monday.......Duration-9 am to 6 pm

REIKI MASTER......Subject to approval
Reiki Master is when you decide to dedicate your life to embracing Reiki energy as part of your life and lifestyle. Knowing and embracing the energy, being your intuitiveness and living in your higher consciousness is the calling of so many at Master’s. Although you may decide to teach Reiki to student’s at this level others prefer to enhance their life by being completely open to the energy this level offers. The Master symbol is attuned and learning the ancient art of the Kotodama to resonate all symbols through sound vibrations creating a powerful vibration that their names do not capture. Using Reiki through he art of “Psychic Surgery’ is taught and performed to utilize the symbols for specific disease or emotional issues.
• Discussion of comprehensive Reiki Masters Book
• Visualization meditation and Attunement to Masters
• Master symbols memorized verbally and visually
• Furumoto Attunement
• Healing attunement
• Teaching the ancient art of the Kotodama (Reiki symbols being chants as spirit words)
• Psychic Surgery
• Identifying the vibration of “Needs and wants”
• Duration-2 full days from 9 am - 6 pm

After your successful completion of training in First Degree, Second Degree or Mastership certification is awarded 30 days post attunement. I look forward to our meeting as I meet all students prior to class as choosing your Reiki Master is as much part of the attunement as the attunement itself and vice versa.

Love & Light
Patti Penn, Reiki Master
Contact 310 498 7374
LA,CA 90046

NOTE: It is always a good idea to verify date, time, location and other information prior to going.
Eye Spy LA is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

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