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Film in West Hollywood
Date(s): 09/22/2018 to 10/13/2018
Day(s): Saturday
Time(s): 10 p.m.
Address: 7936 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood 90046
Cost: $14

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Festival of short films:
Saturday, September 22
Ana. Written and directed by Joseph D’Agosta. Starring Anastasia Burenina and Austin Irdale. Feeling an emptiness in her relationship Ana discovers sexual fire with a stranger.10 minutes.’
Celeste. Directed by Manuel Del Valle. Written by Del Valle and Christina Xing. Starring Cristina Boyd and Daniel Fitzgerald. Caleb, a mid 60īs ex alcoholic tracks down his 27 year old daughter that he abandoned many years ago. Finding out she is a prostitute, he is forced to hire her in order to reveal his true identity and ask for her forgiveness. 9 minutes.
Duality. Directed by Andrew Lloyd Preston. Written by Preston, Ella Jae Stewart, Christina Marie Karis. Starring Karis and Stewart. Duality presents a birds’ eye view on mental illness in the homeless community and the never-ending challenge some face when protecting a loved one. 10 minutes.
The Flying of Leaves. Directed by Juan Pablo Etcheverry and Nathalie Signorini. Written by Salvo Gennuso. Animated. It is his sixth birthday and Carmelo receives a tree as a gift: a beautiful magnolia whose parents, two humble peasants, have planted for him in the courtyard in front of the house. 8 minutes.
Iridesence. Written and directed by Maxine Beauchamp. Starring Jhomar Suyom and Andrew Nadanyi. Through stylized lighting and abstract visual, Iridescence tells the story of an emotionally repressed abusive father and his son who struggles to accept himself and his sexuality. 9 minutes.
Me Too. Directed by Tony Pauley and Ayesha Rose. Starring Ayesha Rose. 5 minutes.
Mismatch Made in Heaven. Directed by Alejandro Reneteria. Written by Silvana Arias and Enrique Sapene. Starring Pablo Azar and Yul Burkle. 8 minutes. Seth is a young gay barista who has created a fantasy love affair with his favorite customer, the very handsome and very committed Marco, but when reality hits him hard Seth will have to ask his Guardian Angel for an opportunity to live out his fantasy in real life. 8 minutes.
Pantomime Blues. Written and directed by Brandon Clark. Starring Travis Musgrove. A lonely mime decides to dance his blues away through the city streets. 5 minutes.
Surveillance. Written and directed by Charlotte Ying Scott. Animated. 1 minute.
Utensils. Written and directed by Ryan Larkin. Starring Jose Rosete and Nancy Nazari. A young girl must figure out why everyone at the dinner table is eating their soup with a fork. 7 minutes.
Saturday, September 29- Latino filmmakers
American Nightmare. Written and directed by Jesus Nebot. Starring Nabot and Susana Santiago. A traffic stop due to speeding takes a turn for the worse landing a mother and her 6 year old daughter in jail. 8 minutes.
Criadas Por Abuela. Written and directed by Elena Rojas Garcia. Starring Elena Rojas and Bibiana Navas. Director: “I was raised by my grandmother Miriam, and in her honor and honor to all the grandparents I created this peace of memories and art, 12 portraits and interviews of people raised by their grandparents.” 7 minutes.
Little Piece of Heaven. Directed by Luis Estrada. Written by Zamara Jimenez. Starring Jimenez and Nicolas Gonzales. A mother. A son. More than a number. 2 minutes.
Ofelia. Directed by Fabiola Stevenson. Written by Camille Bacos and Jorge Duran. Starring Beatriz Aguirre and Guillermo Romano. A love story between 2 older people. She realizes that only the taste of a special wine can bring lucidity to her husband, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. But the bottle is almost empty… 8 minutes.
Pure Screen. Directed by Javier Farias. Written by Juan Cruz Bacaro. Starring Vanessa Quintana.and Gabriel Valdivieso. Sergio arrives with his laptop at the café-restaurant and immediately hooks his eyes on Laura, a beautiful intellectual girl. Defeated by his introversion, Sergio decides to generate his own fantasy with Laura, through a plan that combines imagination, libido and technology. 9 minutes.
Retiro. Directed by Alejandro Juan Sorin, Nicolas Ferrando and Miguel Dianda. Written by Dianda. A man arrives to the Retiro Bus Terminal for a business trip but his routine is interrupted by a Young woman that asks him to see her off near the bus and waves goodbye to her while the bus leaves. 5 minutes.
The Mirror. Directed by Alejandro Mendoza. Written by and starring Fernanda Kelly and Marcela Macias. For the females who have, are and will make this world a better place. #BreakTheMirror . 3 minutes.
Together Again. Directed by Antonio Darwiche. Written by Kiara Beltran. Starring Beltran and Rosemary Stevens. A medical student has to come to terms with medicine not being enough to save her grandmother, the only person she has in her life. 6 minutes.
Un Nuevo Adios. Written and directed by Pau Verdelet. Starring Elena Garibay and Sebastian Azar. Una madre que enfrenta la perdida de un hijo. 10 minutes.
Virgencita. Written and directed by Giselle Bonilla. Starring Giselle and Art Bonilla. A woman is charged with attempted suicide after a failed attempt to masturbate. 11 minutes.
Words on Leisure. Written and directed by Carlos N. Cerutti. An animated ode to procrastination. 2 minutes.
Saturday, October 6
A Conversation with the Devil. Written and directed by Jonathan I. Jackson. Starring Owen Dunne and Frank Wilson. In his first televised interview, Satan tries to set the record straight on his life and his view of death, clocks, the bible, Jesus, and humanity. 8 minutes.
Dawn of Man. Written and directed by Victor Ridaura. Starring aj bowen and Julia Silverman. A video call lights up a phone: It's MOM (60s). AJ (30s) is currently sleeping, so it takes more than one try for him to pick up, and when he does, he is greeted by a surprise - Mom is bloodied and bruised, tied to a chair, and being held hostage. 6 minutes.
Keeping Up with the Reapers. Directed by Christopher Game. Written by David Harper. Starring Harper and Jacqueline Claire. You'll get this couple. And eventually, they'll get you. 8 minutes.
Nightcap. Written and directed by Aprile Ruha. Starring Sascha Vandersilk and Steve Mitchell. Professional cuddler Jolie has a new client, Luke, a seemingly normal guy with an unusual bedtime routine. 8 minutes.
Oakside Park. Directed by Joshua Hoareau and Maxwell Morro. Starring Erin Clark. A cell phone belonging to a missing Oakside Park ranger is found in the woods revealing haunting footage of what took her. 11 minutes.
She. Directed by Keegan Wilcox. Written by Matt Pelfrey. Starring Claudia Graf and Matthew Shively. Two high school friends try to help a woman home, but she has other, sinister plans in mind. 8 minutes.
Steel and Water. Written and directed by Christian Del Rio. Starring Aycil Yeltan. An artist's evening at her solitary oasis gets disrupted when a mysterious box appears in her apartment. 10 minutes.
Starian. Written and directed by Eric “Z” Zaragoza. Starring Shannon Murray and Kelly McDevitt. Two young women explore an alien planet with the intentions of releasing the mysterious content of the canister that caused the demise of the STARIAN ship years ago. 9 minutes.
The Unholy War. Written and directed by Jared Douglas. Starring Christian Gnecco Quintero and Ramanique Ahluwalla. Forced to read a prepared statement on camera, a couple in captivity must choose between abandoning their beliefs by reading a message that promotes hatred and violence, or facing death. 10 minutes.
Saturday, October 13
Bathtub. Directed by Shane Connor. Written by Nathan Sapsford, Starring Sapsford and Anthea Greco. Our Man in the Bathtub, accompanied by his GI Joe and rubber ducky, is distraught over the rebuke of his marriage proposal. Until he receives a lifeline, with strings attached. There's one thing he just can't do... 9 minutes.
Coming to Terms. Directed by Atdhe Trepca. Written by Theo Trepca. Starring Jennifer Ashe and Tim Molyneux. After her husband passes away, Beauty recreates his presence using the belongings he left behind. 6 minutes.
The Diners Club. Directed by Ricky Lloyd George. Written by Narmar Hanna. Starring Hanna and Jared Ward. Rob is a con-artist foodie with an expensive palate. He invites Beth on a lavish dinner date. Everything is perfect - and then the check arrives. 9 minutes.
Dough Nuts and More. Directed by Marquel Skinner. Written by Emily Skinner. Supermom and star sales rep Jane Dough has prepared for two years to close the biggest sale of her newspaper career when her presentation is disrupted by a call that her accident prone husband John Dough is in the emergency room. 8 minutes.
Everyday Boon. Written and directed by JJ House. Starring Jordan Knapp and Kris Lugo. Sean thinks he's found out the root of inequality and wants to share his epiphany with Beth. Meanwhile, a man pleads with the rule-oriented manager to let him use the laundromat bathroom. 6 minutes.
The Invisibles. Directed by Edgar Alvarez. Claymation. The streets from LA will be the scenery, intending to make visible the invisible, showing through different characters a day in the lives of homeless people, the ones that survive, underlie, or live in a different reality due to their lunacy, youngsters with a broken American dream, war veterans, drug addicts, lonely people with no family, victims of the economic or emotional crisis. They become all of those that we donīt want to see many times because they remind us where we donīt want to be and where we are heading with our indifference. 7 minutes.
The Minuet Trilogy. Directed by Maxwell Morro. Written by Caleb Strul. Starring Addi Gefen and Clarissa Hoffman. A young couple experience vividly colorful dreams about their intimate relationship with one another before coming face to face as they each decide the outcome of their passionate friendship. 9 minutes.
On Ice. Written and directed by Katie Anne Moy. Starring Brady Bond and Olivia Saccomanno. Blake, a young boy from a low-income household, attempts to take financial matters into his own hands in order to be able to afford new skates and play hockey with his friends. 8 minutes.
Relationship Deli. Directed by Ian Van der Werff. Written by Kaitlyn Black. Starring Black and Kelly Vrooman. A deli worker and a desperate woman attempt to build the perfect relationship, sandwich style! 4 minutes.
Woke. Directed by Venk Potula. Written by Leland Frankel. Starring Potula and Kiah Alexandria Clingman. A man and a woman meet by chance on a hot day in a park in the city of Atlanta. Sunny is a Pakistani-American wannabe rapper in search of some inspiration. Rebecca is an African-American activist on the run from a rent-a-cop. He lends her a helping hand, and soon the two are caught in a furious debate about where art and identity intersect. 11 minutes.

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