What is Eye Spy LA all about? - things to do, entertainment, activities, events, shopping and dining in the greater Los Angeles area - including Orange County, Ventura County and the Inland Empire. We particularly focus on the unique, unusual and alternative things to do. We have weekly editorial reviews and other commentary. We have a calendar of events. We also have listings for on-going activities and attractions including recreation, tours & excursions, shopping and dining.

Listings include:
  • Title
  • Event start & end dates
  • Address & Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Detailed description of event including costs, performance times, ticketing and other information.
  • All listings appear on various site pages based on the appropriate heading, topic and location keywords.

Who should list on Eye Spy LA? If you fit our content criteria (listed below) get exposure for your event, activity or interesting business. Listings appear on specific pages based on dates, location and topics. However, all listings are subject to editorial review - we will remove any listing we determine doesn't fit our content.
  • Producers/promoters of an event or performance coming soon to the greater L.A. area.
  • Activity based businesses that offer entertainment, classes, work shops, children's activities and interesting/unusual or unique experiences.
  • Dining - restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee houses, etc. in our coverage areas.
  • Interesting/unusual/unique shopping such as indie book and music stores, decorative arts and clothing boutiques, collectibles, etc.
  • Interesting/unusual services. Shopping services and tours, spas, etc.
  • Local business groups who would like to attract visitors to a "destination" location such as shopping, arts, entertainment districts or outlying day or weekend destinations.

How far in advance can I post my listing? You may list most events and entertainment anytime prior to the event. Put the actual event or entertainment start and end dates for the listing. Ongoing and recurring events, etc. are limited to one month. See tips for special cases below for exceptions.

ONGOING & RECURRING LISTINGS for activities, venues, monthly or weekly entertainment, dining, etc.: These listings are limited to one month if you want them to appear on the calendar. You can post a new listing each month with current information OR you may post a non-dated listing that appears below dated listings. You may also choose to pay for a "featured" listing which can run multiple months (up to one year). Featured lisings appear above all other listings under the chosen Heading, Location and Topic.

ART GALLERIES: Eye Spy LA highly suggests you list a new exhibit as an "event" for the date of the Opening Reception. This will be the time most people will want to visit your gallery. You may also list this event as "free." However if you list for the length of the exhibit, it should be listed as under Activities or Shopping and cannot be listed as free because one would not normally expect to come to a store to shop and pay a fee.

CLASSES & SEMINARS Multiweek classes where participants must sign up in advance: you may list your class one month prior to the start date. Put the last date for enrollement as the end date for the listing. Put the actual dates the classes take place in the Headline or detail.

WHERE will my listing appear? Listings will appear on the Calendar in date order plus on other pages for:
  • Location - the geographic location of the event or activity. Choose the neighborhood that is closest to your address. Based on that selection your listing will also appear on the appropriate Regional calendar as well. (Example: your event is in Venice, it will also appear in the Westside region.)
  • Guides
    • Entertainment for audience based events and ongoing shows and performances.
    • Activities are non-entertainment ongoing and other "participative" things to do (such as classes, workshops, tours & excursions, recreation, arcades, amusements, etc.)
    • Events for specific date special events such as festivals, special events at a museum, art receptions, fundraising events, etc.
    • Arts & Culture performing arts, visual arts, cultural experiences
    • Kids - family oriented events and entertainment, activities for children
    • Shopping - events where things are available for purchase and ongoing places to shop such as farmers markets, fashion, boutiques, gourmet food, art galleries, etc.
    • Food & Wine - events and ongoing activities and shopping for food and wine
    • Gay - events and activities of special interest to the LGBT community
    • Pets - pet friendly events and places to go
  • Topic pages - your listing will appear the topic page appropriate for your listing.

WHEN will my listing appear? After editorial review.

How can I MAXIMIZE VISABILITY for my listing? GET "FEATURED" on our most popular pages: Events, Activities, Kids, Entertainment and other guides. These are the primary go to pages on Eye Spy LA. Better placement gives upgraded listings much more exposure to Eye Spy LA visitors - resulting in significantly more traffic. These are the most visited pages on Eye Spy LA. HIGH VALUE AND LOW COST: FEE $25 PER MONTH. These Guides are heavily promoted both on the Eye Spy LA website and in the weekly newsletter. It just TAKES CENTS and MAKES SENSE to take advantage of the Eye Spy LA calendar upgrade offerings. BTW this also moves your listing above free listings on the Topic and Location (neighborhoods) pages also.


Post a new listing. Fill out the form and submit the new listing.

What if I make a mistake when I create my listing? No problem, email the changes/corrections to and your listing will be promptly updated.

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