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Listings appear on the Calendar in date order (end date) also on topic, location and other heading pages that you choose when filling out the listing form.


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  • Entertainment for audience based events and ongoing shows and performances.
  • Activities are non-entertainment ongoing and other "participative" things to do (such as classes, workshops, tours & excursions, recreation, arcades, amusements, etc.)
  • Events for specific date special events such as festivals, special events at a museum, art receptions, fundraising events, etc.
SPECIAL INTEREST choose any applicable. Your listing will appear on the special pages you choose (subject to editorial review).
  • Arts & Culture performing arts, visual arts, art galleries, art exhibits, cultural experiences
  • Kids - family oriented events and entertainment, activities for children
  • Shopping - events where things are available for purchase and ongoing places to shop such as farmers markets, fashion, boutiques, gourmet food, art galleries, etc.
  • Food & Wine - events and ongoing activities ABOUT food and/or wine OR shopping for food and wine. NOT other types of events where food & wine might be served.
  • Gay - events and activities of special interest to the LGBT community
  • Pets - pet friendly events and places to go
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NEW Field: VENUE (opitonal) the name of the theater or other facility where your event is located.

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